I cannot begin to explain how wonderful my home-buying experience was thanks to Brooklynn! She made my husband and I feel comfortable throughout the entire process. There were a few times where my husband was not able to make it out of work on time and Brooklynn was very understanding and was able to work around our schedule every single time!! We were first time homebuyers so we had a lot and I mean a lot of questions that she had all the answers too. Brooklynn never judged us for how picky we were, was very understanding with everything we wanted and was patient with us and our 1 year old daughter. She was just amazing from start to finish I will definitely recommend her specially to first time homebuyers!!

Karime Gabriel

To whom it may concern: I Maxine Moseley-Brown, had a pleasant interaction with Ms/ Mrs. Brooklynn Barber. I felt that she was very respectful to me and very trust worthy. I trusted her views about the property a well as the community in which the property exist. I feel that she is a very kind person. Her personally was a “WOW,” this young Lady is on point!!!!. She spoke up for me with a question about “pets” being on the property. She also showed written proof. When I buy my $5,000,000,000, home in the future, she is on speed dial!!!! Okay!!!!. Thank you BROOKLYNN BARBER, YOU ARE GREAT. LOVE & PEACE. STAY SAFE & KEEP THAT DYNAMITE PERSONALLY!!!!

Maxine Moseley Brown

Brooklynn is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell!

I Harr

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